Made in the UK Diesel Generators

Bespoke Solutions

Constant Power Solutions are one of the most innovative Diesel Generator manufacturers in terms of bespoke or customer built generator solutions. Our standard Diesel Generators are designed and built to meet the needs of most applications but some applications require special consideration and are designed with this in mind.

Constant Power Solutions Ltd is an independent company which means we can sit down with our clients and their end users to build and design the best solution to meet their individual needs.

Some bespoke or customer built upgrades that we have helped our clients with…

  • Remote monitoring via SMS and web base
  • Remote start with 10-50m cable looms
  • 24 and 48 hour integral and external fuel tank bases
  • Control panel upgrades to suit specific requirements
  • Tailor-made acoustic canopies
  • Super silent canopy solutions
  • DC Generators solutions
  • Hybrid solutions
  • Single phase and three phase switchable
  • Removeable doors (with quick release) for ease of service 
  • Synchronization and load sharing between generators