Benefits of Portability in a Diesel Generator
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Benefits of Portability in a Diesel Generator

CPS understands the dynamic working world of today. That’s why we make some of the best UK-manufactured Diesel Generators designed with portability in mind. In this post, we’ll go over why portability is so important in the power solutions of today.


Modern business requires the ability to take on any job – big or small. This means a fluctuating power requirement is an inevitability. Luckily, we offer a variety of easily deployable generators designed to seamlessly integrate into any area and provide the energy you need to keep your business thriving.

For the indoor business with fluctuating backup power requirements, such as those in the medical field, our range of soundproof generators are easily deployable and provide an unobtrusive backup solution for any business. With multi-density polyester soundproofing material and a lockable access door- we ensure our silent generators are hassle-free. We design our canopies with sturdy lift hooks/ forklift space designed to hold the entire generator, allowing for effortless and economic storage and deployment capabilities. We manufacture our generators in-house, right here in the UK, to ensure we build our generators with your needs in mind. All of our Soundproof Generators are built for the end-user, with functionality and easy maintenance as a priority.



When you require adaptability in your business – you need a Diesel Generator that you can depend upon wherever you may need it. Our containerised generators are purpose-built to last as a portable power solution. We build these generators into corrugated metal containers with reinforced aluminium floors designed to withstand rust, corrosion and the harshest of environments. With Multiple service doors, a convenient cable entry point and interior LED Lighting, we design these generators to be effortless to install at any location, with easy but secure and lockable access to every part to ensure quick, unobstructed to those who need it. Alongside this, all containers meet ISO standards and come in a variety of sizes, meaning no matter the size of the power solution you need you’ll always be able to take it with you.



We at CPS can guarantee reliability in our ability to keep your business Portable with our Diesel Generators. Our dedicated team can offer expert advice on what you need to ensure you pick the right generator for your business, and our excellent After Sales Service team will always be on hand to help keep your generator functioning. You can learn more about our After Sales Service team HERE. We design our generators with the portability our customers’ needs in mind, whilst ensuring we offer the quality you expect from a UK manufacturer by using 100% genuine parts.

Contact our team today, and we can ensure our worldwide network of CPS Dealers deliver you the portable UK Diesel Generator you need to keep your business flexible, wherever in the world you are. Trust CPS to give you the power solution you need as you expand across the globe.

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