Beginner’s guide to making your Bespoke diesel generator

When you are buying a generator for your organization or personal use, you need it to meet your specific needs. Fortunately, generators can be customised so that they provide everything that you are looking for. At CPS Generators, we offer diesel, hybrid, soundproof, open set and containerised generators. Our bespoke generator service helps you to ensure you get everything that you need from your generator. If you want to create a bespoke diesel generator, we offer a number of different customisations that will deliver to your requirements. Take a look at how we can customise your generator with some of the solutions below.

Remote monitoring via SMS and web base

You need to check that your generator is running smoothly, but you can’t always be there to watch it. Remote monitoring via SMS and a web base system means that you can watch your generator at all times.

Remote start with 10-50m cable looms

Remote start makes it easier for you to control your generator. We can include a remote start function in your generator so that you can get it started without having to be in the vicinity.

24 and 48 hour integral and external fuel tank bases

Choosing the right fuel tank for your bespoke generator is easy when you have a choice of options. We can provide different sizes and configurations to keep your generator running.

Control panel upgrades to suit specific requirements

You should be able to control your generator with ease. We can make upgrades and adjustments to your control panel to meet your requirements and match the design of your generator.

Tailor-made acoustic canopies

Low levels of sound are important for many who need a generator. If you need to keep things quiet, we can create bespoke acoustic canopies to ensure your generator isn’t heard too easily. We can also offer a super silent canopy solutions for when you really need to tackle a noise problem and keep things as quiet as possible.

DC Generators solutions

DC generators can offer greater efficiency when compared to AC application. It can increase reliability for organizations that need to be able to really rely on their generator. We can offer DC generators to help solve various problems and provide an alternative option.

Hybrid solutions

Hybrid generators are also available if you want an efficient generator. Hybrid generators are fuel saving and quiet. They can also be connected to other power supplies and can cost less to maintain.

Single phase and three phase switchable

If applications require both single and three phase but these are not required at the same time, a switch can be added. This will allow for switching between the two, and could even be done remotely with the addition of remote control.

Removable doors (with quick release) for ease of service

Make it easier to maintain and service your generator by having removable doors. They can be installed with quick release so it’s super simple to gain access.

Synchronization and load sharing between generators

When you have multiple generators, use synchronization and load sharing to make the most of them.

Our bespoke diesel generator service helps you to make your generator perfect for meeting all of your needs.

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