Are you ready for winter

Are you ready for winter?

Having a backup power supply is one of the smartest moves a business or homeowner can make. While backup generators are of great convenience and use all year round, they become even more so over the tougher winter months. As when it’s blustering minus temperature winds and the air is filled with frost outside, having heating and power is of utmost importance. Especially here in the UK with our notoriously unpredictable weather.

With our ATS panels, and Water Jacket Heater upgrades rest assured that should the power go down, the standby diesel generator will fire up almost instantaneously (In fact just averaging a few seconds with both an ATS and Water Jacket Heater, or a mere 10 seconds only using an ATS) which means that you will never have to worry about being without power!
Our generators come in a range of sizes from 5 to 2500 KVA with a host of upgrades and bespoke options to fit a diversity of applications from residential housing to date centres, we have you covered. We can offer short lead times and worldwide delivery to ensure that your generator is ready for when winter truly kicks in.

And don’t forget, if you already have a backup power solution in use to ensure that it has been routinely serviced and maintained in order to upkeep its reliability and components to ensure you don’t get left in the dark this winter. You can see more about our range of essential parts here or call us on 01757 428140.

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