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Gas generators

An Introduction to Gas generators

Natural Gas as a fuel source in generator power solutions is becoming increasingly popular. If you are looking for an efficient and eco-friendly generator, we at CPS can provide a bespoke power solution. To find out if a Gas generator is for you, read on.

What is a Gas Generator?

A Gas generator, as the name implies, runs off natural gasses rather than the traditional Diesel or petroleum. Typically, the gas used is either propane or methane. Natural gas works in a typical combustion engine used in a Diesel generator, however, a carburettor is built-in to the generator to mix in the right amount of pressurised gas into the fuel/air mix.
Some Gas generators can also run on Liquid Petroleum Gas, these are known as LPG generators. We offer bespoke LPG generators alongside natural gas generators.

Pros and Cons of a Gas Generator

A gas generator has a variety of benefits, and disadvantages, over its Diesel contemporaries.

Benefits include:

• Available as open top, soundproof, etc. just like a Diesel generator
• Lower long-term fuel costs, gas is about 1/10th the price of Diesel on average
• Adapts to your energy needs, with a power range of 5-500kw
• Scalable and versatile: Gas generators can be run in parallel and standby. We can run up to 32 gas generators for a combined power solution of 16000kW
• Hassle-free logistics: gas fuel is cheaper and easier to transport than Diesel
• Genuine parts from well-known Diesel brands including Scania & Deep Sea Electronics
• Easy to transport, can be loaded into a container for export, or loaded onto a truck for UK delivery
• Reduces your ecological impact as it produces less air pollution and helps avoid spillages
However, it is important to consider natural gas’s inherent flaws, such as:
• Potentially dangerous due to its flammable nature. Natural gas is typically odourless and colourless, so proper measures must be taken
• Lower per generator kW may lead to a higher upfront cost

Overall, a natural gas generator is a perfectly suitable Diesel alternative for those looking to move away from fossil fuels. It lessens the environmental impact a power solution can have, whilst providing a suitable level of flexible power output. Alongside its ease of use in regards to fuel and possible lifetime savings, a natural gas generator may just be what you’re looking for in a power solution.

No matter what you’re looking for in your power solution, you can trust CPS. We can deliver internationally the bespoke generator power solution your company needs, Diesel or natural Gas generator alike, using genuine parts from the biggest brands. Every CPS generator comes with the guaranteed quality that you expect from a UK-manufactured generator, built by our team of experts to your exact specifications. Let us provide the bespoke natural Gas generator you need by clicking HERE today.

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