Made in the UK Diesel Generators

After Sales Network

CPS offers a well-planned service and maintenance program in the UK and internationally via our appointed dealers for your area.

A well-planned service and maintenance program is essential to the operation of any power generation system. Our servicing team and appointed dealers will advise you towards the best package, which is tailored towards you and your budget.

Our 24/7 phone line is there to communicate with you every step of the way and our technical team is always on hand. All parts are 100% genuine to give you the best performance, minimal delay and longevity of your generator. Not only do we manufacture UK power products we also offer a UK service as well.

Our After Sales Network Offers

24/7 call outs, 365 days a year with nationwide coverage

Tailored service packages for any size kw or kva

UPS functional testing & battery assessment

Minor or Major servicing contracts available

Full-service documentation

On-site installation & commissioning packages

Annual load testing

Free consultation over the phone