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5 things you didn’t know about diesel generators

You’ve probably heard a lot of false facts about Diesel generators, such as that they are bad for the environment or are too big to buy. At CPS Generators, we know that these myths can stop people from making one of the best investments possible as generators are excellent backups across the board. We sell to corporate, hospitality, and education industries, to name three.

So, this post is going to set the record straight. Below are five fantastic facts about Diesel generators you didn’t know.

Diesel Generators Are Eco-Friendly

Anything Diesel is seen as bad for the planet today. However, a Diesel generator is different because it uses less fuel to create as much energy as units powered by gas. This is down to the relationship between the fuel and fuel blend, which allows more vitality to be released without using as much Diesel. And, when you use less fuel, it is healthier for the environment.

Diesel Generators Last Longer

The direct knock-on effect of using less fuel to power the motor is Diesel generators last longer. After all, the energy they create is powerful enough to run a unit without burning lots of Diesel. Of course, this makes them more eco-friendly than most people imagine, but it also has an impact on running costs. As you can run them for longer without using costly fuel, your unit won’t run up considerable expenses.

Diesel Generators Are Maintenance Free

Firstly, the power output is produced without putting the engine through too much stress. So, a Diesel motor runs and doesn’t cause strains that usually put other industrial machines out of action. Secondly, they are built to be robust when they are run continually. Therefore, it is better to use it often, but not to give it too much to do. All you need to focus on is the oil. Change it regularly and your Diesel generator will last forever without causing any trouble.

Diesel Generators Are Incredibly Reliable

You already know how they are better at running without less fuel and don’t require as much maintenance. But, what happens when the conditions become more volatile? Are Diesel generators going to give up the ghost? The simple answer is no. When there is less oxygen, for example, they become more efficient and reliable. This is due to the turbocharger feature that funnels air through the power unit, causing them to perform more effectively even though there is less air. Therefore, there isn’t a situation in which you can’t rely on Diesel generators.

Diesel Generators Are Safe

Finally, you might not know that Diesel units are safer than most of their counterparts. This is because Diesel fuel isn’t as combustible as gas, which lights up at the slightest sight of fire. As a result, there’s no need to worry about an accident leading to a major incident.

Did you know about these five facts? For the latest news and advice on generators, please contact us. We love talking about all things generator-related!

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