4 Incorrect Facts About Diesel Generators That People Think Are True

4 Incorrect Facts About Diesel Generators That People Think Are True

As a leading UK Generator & Power Equipment Manufacturer, we hear pretty much all the false rumours that people allow themselves to believe – before doing their research! As well as hearing many facts that are actually true, there is a huge majority of false information that is misunderstood by generator buyers. So, we thought we would clear up the air by sharing with you the 4 main misguided assumptions that people think about diesel generators…

1. “They make too much noise”

Believe it or not, some modern generators have been designed to be extremely quiet! On top of this, if you have already purchased a generator that is not so quiet, we provide best in the business soundproof generator cases to cancel out all the noise caused by all kinds of generators.

2. “They’re unreliable”

This one is often depending on who you buy your generator form and for what price. Of course, there are going to be a few dodgy, unreliable diesel generators that are sold for a cheap price, but the truth is, you’re never going to find a decent generator at small prices! It’s not only the price, but some companies batch-test their products, which is an extremely bad service to customers! At Constant Power Solutions, we test each and every generator individually before they leave our premises, to ensure that each all of our generators meet the high standards we communicate daily.

3. “They take up a huge amount of space”

At CPS, we always listen to what our customers have to say. Part of what makes us so proud of our business achievements is how we work together with our customers and come up with ideas on how to always make our generators even better and even more suited to our customers’ needs. Something constantly being mentioned by the public was the size of generators being a problem, so we listened to them and design our generators to be as compact as possible! So this rumour is slowly becoming more incorrect as time goes on due to their development in design.

4. “They’re not very eco-friendly”

As mentioned before, we constantly make sure to develop the design of our generators to keep them up to date and modern, so it’s a very out of date perception to have of generators if you believe that they are just smoky machines that pump out toxic gases into the atmosphere.  Modern generators are designed to be much more kind to the environment, so you don’t have to feel guilty about damaging the environment when you buy a diesel generator anymore!

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