3 Benefits of a Diesel Generator

3 Benefits of a Diesel Generator

There are a few important reasons why you need to do some research before deciding whether to purchase a petrol or diesel generator. Here are a few benefits to a diesel generator that can help you make that decision.


This is something that benefits those of you who are managing things right from a hospital to an event. This is because you can use it without interruption, and if your situation requires constant energy, then a diesel generator is by far the best decision for you to make.

I might be stating the obvious, but nothing could be worse for your business than the energy cutting out when it’s most needed…especially if it’s a hospital!


It is much cheaper to purchase diesel fuel than it is to buy petrol, therefore, in the long run, you will end up saving money on running a diesel generator. The engines are also more fuel-efficient, so that it has a longer running time, and some diesel engines even consume up to half as much fuel as petrol engines! So, you spend less on running it, and on top of that, do not actually need to buy the fuel as often – it’s a win-win situation!

Longer life-span

A diesel engine can sometimes last up to 3 times longer than a petrol engine, so in addition to the cheapness of running a diesel generator, you also won’t even have to purchase a new one as frequently as you would if you regularly used a petrol one either!

However, one of the disadvantages of purchasing a diesel generator would be the noise level that it comes along with. Unfortunately, on top of the cheapness, convenience and life span, it is important that before purchasing one, you are aware that a diesel engine is typically louder than compatible petrol engines. But at CPS, we can provide a solution to this with our soundproof casing – which is the best in the business.

So, don’t let the idea of too much noise put you off purchasing a diesel generator because we can make sure that yours can be eliminated from this inconvenience!

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