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100Kva Perkins Synchronised Sets

We always love to put our heads together and come up with bespoke solutions to fit our customers’ requirements and this project of two 100Kva Perkins generators synced up together was no different.

A synchronized set is two generators which run side by side to share the load, the functionality of this is that should the load exceed 100Kva for whatever reason then the generators will run together to meet the load requirement. Once the load reduces back to a regular amount then the second generator will shut down and the first one will continue to power the site as the primary source of power. For this project, we used a DSE8610 Load Sharing Control Panel.

The benefits of load sharing are plenty! Including;

Reliability and performance

If you had one large generator (a 200kva in this instance) which load was running on the lower side (less than 50%) then this could be detrimental to your engine performance (fuel consumption and general performance) and thus affect the reliability of your power supply. Having two generators in this instance would also mean that you have to service them less as the load is split between two engines rather than just one of them taking the brunt of it. Having the two engines sharing a load is also safer for the engine as you are able to choose which is primary and which is secondary.

Lower Cost of Power Generation

The cost of generation increases with the generator size, this is due to the fact that the demand for smaller generator sets is higher and therefore more are readily available. This can mean that having several smaller generators synced and running together can be more cost-effective.

More control and savings on generating costs

The total amount of power supplied from the sets is equal to power which would be supplied by one large unit. However, having the load split up means there is more control and balancing when it comes to supplying power. One of the sets is able to balance the load of different circuits, and then decide on the power to generate at any particular time based on the load. (Sync load sharing can achieve huge savings when all the generators in use run at 75% of their rated load as this is the point at which generators use the minimum amount of fuel)

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