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UK Market

Think Made in the UK ... Think CPS


Experts in the supply and installation of generators in the UK

The UK Market place is a very competitive market with high quality products even at a premium price much sought out.

When you think of the Diesel generators, you usually think of the UK. The reason being is that the first Diesel generator was manufactured in the UK from the ideas of two men whose engineering education came from England (Michael Faraday and Rudolf Diesel).

Manufacturers in Britain are renowned for producing of high quality products that consistently exceed customers’ expectations. This is why we are proud that Constant Power Solutions is 100% British and 100% Yorkshire. Producing for our customers a complete UK built Diesel generator with UK & EU Components.

Many applications in the UK such as Construction, Telecommunication, Data centres, Agriculture, Events, Leisure and the Public sector reply on standby, emergency, backup and reliable constant power with the need consistently growing year on year, making the UK one of the largest growing economies for power generation.