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Our Expertise

Forefront of Innovation

CPS has experience in manufacturing generators for various applications, using a dedicated production line to ensure the products are designed and produced as per our client’s requirements, whether you are in the UK or overseas.

What makes us different from the crowd is that we not only work with our dealers, but we also help sit down and discuss their requirements with their end users to offer the best solution for their power generation needs.

Working closely with our suppliers we are at the forefront of innovation, with a friendly team who always insist on going the extra mile to support as well as maximize resourcing and minimize lead times. Constant Power Solutions are one of the most innovative Diesel Generator manufacturers in terms of bespoke or customer built Generator solutions.

The benefit of being an independent company means we have a flexible production line and can tailor a solution to your specialized requirements. Our strength comes from the enthusiastic team we have here at Constant Power Solutions who’s passion to not only progress the company but also to deliver the most cost-effective and high-quality power generation solutions to the UK and globally.